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03 Sep 2020

2020 Turkey Pre-Orders

2020 Turkey Pre-Orders

Fall is in the air and it’s time to place your Thanksgiving turkey reservations! This year we are excited to announce a new variety to the flock, the Orlopp Mammoth Bronze Turkey. With a natural fat layering, the Orlopp Mammoth Bronze adds an increased level of richness to the meat while maintaining the other qualities we’ve come to expect on traditional turkeys, like a large serving of turkey breast. Our turkeys sell out fast, so don’t wait to place your reservation. As in previous years, there is a $20 per turkey reservation fee, which will be applied to your purchase on pickup day. Order below.

Reservation Form

23 Mar 2020

What Would the Nipperts Do?

What Would the Nipperts Do?

A Letter from our President

Greenacres dedicated 2020 as the first year of  “WWTND”  — What Would the Nipperts Do?  The idea was to engage employees and sharpen our focus on the mission and vision of Louis and Louise Nippert. Little did we know that the year would change so dramatically and that we would really have to think about WWTND in whole new light. In response to COVID-19, Greenacres is taking the following actions:

  1. Non-Essential Employees began working from home last week.  We have asked employees to work on new ways to educate and communicate and to work on their skills as experts.
  2. Essential employees – those associated with farm activities – are reporting to work but we are using a skeleton crew.
  3. We are following the guidelines of distancing and washing frequently.

These are internal steps but our team is dedicated to serving the community and wanted to do more. So we looked at what we can offer to help with the current challenge.  Here are additional thing Greenacres will be doing:

  1. Expand garden production by “plowing fence row to fence row” in our garden areas.
  2. Add more animals as fields green up to increase our ability to provide grass finished protein products.
  3. Develop an electronic media way to deliver lessons that we used to deliver in person. We will use this channel to further inform people of our research and other activities.

All of the above are actions that the Nipperts would approve of and would participate in. During WWII the going was getting very difficult in the Philippines due to rain – typhoon season. Jeeps and wheeled vehicles were bogging down in the mud and the enemy had the advantage of being entrenched while our soldiers needed to move forward and advance. The problem was discussed and a solution was proposed – send in the Cavalry, not the modern wheeled or even more modern helicopter Cavalry but the old fashioned horse Cavalry.  Mr. Nippert was a Captain who knew a thing or two about horses and called upon to head to Kansas and restart the horse Cavalry to be used to invade the Philippines.  Mr. and Mrs. Nippert headed west to Kansas and began to rebuild the horse Cavalry.  Mr. Nippert described the effort as challenging because so few of the chosen soldiers could ride a horse, let alone care for it.  The “old” Cavalry manuals were out of date and out of print and the horse Cavalry was needed in the Philippines now.  So Captain Nippert went to work training horses and soldiers and preparing to invade the Philippines. The day came for the Horse Cavalry to prove it was ready to leave Kansas with orders given to pack up and head to California to get on ships. As they prepared to depart, the typhoons ended and the Jeeps started rolling.  Captain Nippert received new orders – disband the horse Cavalry.  When he talked about this story which he did infrequently and with little detail, he always mentioned that he, like so many in the GREATEST GENERATION, never thought about the downside, the danger or the sacrifice they were making. They just thought about their country and their duty to answer the call, whatever it was.

Today, we are all being asked to answer the call to take on a new enemy, an enemy that is here among us, a virus.  WWTND? The answer is clear – answer the call and serve. Some will serve by growing more food, some by creating new education channels and some just by following the rules and self-quarantine.  In each case there is individual sacrifice, but those sacrifices are small compared to the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation in WWII.  It is time to pull together, do what you can and listen to and follow the lines of Bob Dylan’s “You got to serve somebody”.   It does not matter who you are, now is the time to serve somebody and the somebody I suggest is your neighbors and friends and serve them with kindness and care and follow the COVID-19 rules.  That is what the Nipperts would do.

Please stay healthy and happy and remember to serve someone.

-Carter Randolph

Greenacres President

23 Mar 2020

Farm Store Product Availability

Farm Store Product Availability


A face covering is required in compliance with the governor’s order. If you are unable to wear a mask, please call or email us to schedule curbside pickup.

In addition, please

  • Maintain 6′ of distance between yourself and others at all times.
  • Masks are available for free in our store.
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer when you arrive.
  • Only one person per household to enter the store per trip, if possible. No more than 2 shoppers in the store at any time.
  • We encourage credit vs. cash purchases

Thank you!

Our hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 11 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM
Closed Sunday and Monday

Curbside pickup is still available! To place an order:

or Call: (513) 891-4227, then press 1

New Products and Sales this Week:
Purple Kohlrabi
Golden Beets
Sweet Potatoes!
Butternut Squash
Beets: 50% off 5lb or more


Flowers and Plants

Cut Flower Bouquets $10
Ornamental Chili $7 Enjoy indoors or outdoors, with deep green foliage and beautiful tiny chili peppers! They’re edible and sweet.
Gloxinia $7 Related to the African violet, these brilliantly colorful houseplants will bloom for 3 months!



Lettuce Mix ($5 per 1/2 lb bag)
($6 per 1/2 lb bag)
($6 per 1/2 lb bag)
Baby Kale ($6 per 1/2 lb bag)
Curly Kale
($4 per 1/2 lb bag)
Lacinato Kale great for juicing! ($4 per 1/2 lb bag)
Rainbow Chard ($5 per 1/2 lb bag)
Microgreens ($3-$4): Power Mix, Spicy Mix, Micro Arugula, Pea Shoots, Sunflower Shoots
Herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Basil


Cherry Tomatoes($6/lb)
Purple Kohlrabi
PattyPan Squash
Delicata Squash ($2.50/lb) Try our recipe for a lovely delicata salad!
Pie Pumpkins
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash ($2/lb)
Sweet Peppers

—- ROOTS —-

Sweet Potatoes ($3/lb)
French Breakfast Radishes
Hakurei Turnips
(Super tender, small turnips with beautiful greens, $4/lb)
(about $1 per head)
(storage onions $2/lb)
Beets, Gold and Red ($3.50/lb, save 50% on 5+ lb)


Pastured Poultry
Click here to pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey!

Eggs ($5/dozen)
We have experienced a loss of 32 birds our laying flock which will temporarily reduce our egg supply. CSA members: limit 2 dozen per customer, per visit. Non-CSA members: limit 1 dozen per customer, per visit. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Whole Chickens ($4/lb)
Whole Chickens, Cut-up ($4.25/lb)
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast
(2 pieces per pkg, approx. 1lb, $9/lb)
Chicken Sausages Chipotle, Chorizo, Hot Italian or Sweet Italian Links, Bratwurst, Tomato Basil Burger Patties (5 links or 4 patties per package, $7/lb)
Chicken Thighs  (8 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $5/lb)

Chicken Drumsticks
(8 per pkg, approx. 2lb, $3/lb)
Chicken Wings (approx. 2lb per pkg, $3/lb)
Chicken Backs (for making stock, 3 backs per pkg, $3/lb)
Chicken Feet (approx. 2lb per pkg, $4/lb) great for stock, check out our recipe
Chicken Liver ($4/lb), Heart ($2/lb), Gizzards ($2/lb)

Ground Turkey ($7/lb, 1lb packages) Great for this burger recipe!
Turkey Wings ($3/lb)
Turkey Drumsticks ($3/lb) Smoked drumsticks recipe here
Turkey Necks ($3/lb)


Grass-fed, Grass Finished Angus Beef

Ground Beef (1lb packages, 6.25/lb)
Burger Patties
(3x 1/3 or 4x 1/4 lb patties per package, $7.25/lb)
Sirloin Steak (approx. .75lb each, $12/lb)
Tri-tip (approx. 1-1.5lb each, $14/lb)
Brisket ($9/lb)
Short Ribs
(2 pieces per package, avg. 1-1.5lb, $6/lb)
Chuck Roast (avg 2.5-3.5lb each, $8/lb)
Rump Roast (2-3lb each, $10/lb)
Sirloin Tip Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $11/lb)
Arm Roast (Great in the crock pot! Avg. 2-3lb each, $8/lb)
Shank (Great for braising, meaty with marrow bones. $6/lb)
Bones (Make your own bone broth! Avg 2.5-4lb per bag, $4/lb)
Liver ($4/lb) Tongue ($4/lb) Heart ($4/lb) Kidney ($4/lb)


Pastured Pork

Heart ($2/lb), Kidney ($2/lb), Tongue ($4/lb)
Lard ($4/lb)


Upcoming Livestock Harvests, Dates of In-Store Availability
We have increased our available livestock for 2020.
Call or email to pre-order from any future harvest.

Beef: December 17
Pork: November 3, December 15
Thanksgiving turkeys also available. Click here to pre-order
Lamb will be available Spring 2021 for Easter and Passover

All livestock harvest dates are subject to change

29 Nov 2017

Glacier Survivors

Take a peek around our area and you may notice some evidence from our past. Ice age plants are among us and have persisted over the past 10,000 years since the last glacier left Cincinnati.  Many of these plants hit their evolutionary prime during the beginning of the Cenozoic era when mega-fauna, which includes mammoths and giant sloths, roamed freely across North America. The fruit attracted these very large animals that would then eat it whole, travel very far distances and go to the bathroom, leaving the seed to grow in a new place with a bit of natural fertilizer to help it along. However, many of the plants that relied on mega-fauna for dispersal went extinct at the end of the Ice Age.  That being said, there are a few that have persisted despite the changes in environment.  This type of plant is called an evolutionary anachronism, meaning it is out of place in its current time period. Plants like the Osage-orange tree, with its large “monkey brain” fruit found a way to survive despite the fact that there are no animals that can eat and disperse it that way it was intended. Other plants like the Honey Locust, with its large seed pods and huge thorns are remnants of a time when the tree needed to protect itself from the huge animals who brushed up against them. These trees help to remind us of our history and reinforce the fact that the only thing that is constant in our world is change.