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Education, Research, Conservation

Greenacres Foundation offers something for everyone. From exploring preserved forests and creeks, capturing beauty in music and artwork, to discovering secrets of farming and gardening. Come enjoy school field trips and summer camps as well as fresh produce from the farm store and special public events. Inspiration is contagious among Greenacres team who truly possess a passion for our Mission.


Our Mission

Greenacres will always reflect the style and grace of Louis and Louise Nippert who operated Greenacres as a mid-twentieth century gentleman’s farm from 1948 to 2012.

To preserve for the public an area reflecting the traditional environment of Indian Hill and its historical significance by preserving Greenacres in its current state of woodland and farmland.

To preserve the integrity of all land owned and purchased by Greenacres Foundation in order to encourage conservation and appreciation of nature by providing the public, particularly children, opportunities to study plant and animal life in their natural settings.

To encourage appreciation of music and culture by providing facilities and an atmosphere that will encourage artists to display their talents for all age groups.

Our Values


Louis and Louise Nippert were giving people. Greenacres is a gift from the Nippert’s and a gift to the community. Greenacres employees should always be giving of ourselves, to each other and the communities we serve.


Is the humble approach to life and the way our staff executes the Mission with the public. Each guest is made to feel special and the staff strives to make their visit memorable. Louis and Louise Nippert exhibited grace to any guest that entered their home; all visitors are special and are treated with the same respect, affection and grace. There is no room for prejudice, racism or treating people differently due to their beliefs or traits.


Means always looking at the big picture, thinking holistically and considering all direct and indirect consequences of a decision on Greenacres, its guests and the environment (locally and globally). Everything is done to enhance and grow capacity and not to destroy it. Leave no trace.

Good Neighbor Policy

Is always being respectful of our neighbors and our guests and sharing our assets with the community. All guests and employees are treated with respect and equality. We are good teammates inside of Greenacres and anytime we are out in the community.


Is what we do. We build for the future in all ways. We build soil for agriculture productive capacity through our farming techniques, we build the woods by preserving them and protecting them from invasive species, we grow people through education of visitors to Greenacres and by on-going professional development of our staff. “We do not inherit the earth from our grandparents, we borrow it from our grandchildren” (Chief Seattle) and we must pay the loan back with interest. We must generate a better earth than we received.

Our History

Louis and Louise Nippert purchased 47 acres of land known as Greenacres Farm from the Green family in 1949. Between 1949 and 1998, the Nipperts purchased several adjacent tracts of land and today the farm comprises nearly 600 acres. It was originally operated as a mid-twentieth century gentleman’s farm. In 1988, wanting to give back to the community, they started Greenacres Foundation with the intent to preserve the land for the education and enjoyment of future generations. Their mission lives on today, serving over 30,000 students a year, while expanding into new communities.

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Our People

Original Founding Members

  • The late Louis Nippert
  • The late Louise Dieterle Nippert
  • The late Marie Eberhard

Current Board of Trustees

  • Carter Randolph, Ph.D.
  • Martin Cooper
  • Lawrence Kyte, Jr.
  • Brad Lindner
  • Ginger Warner
  • Meredith Leslie
  • Jim Ebenschweiger
  • Beth Hellman
  • Louie Randolph

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