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The Exploring with Grace Fund offers opportunities for youth in under-resourced areas to visit Greenacres Foundation where educators foster connections with the environment, generative agriculture, and the arts. By providing assistance for groups to attend programming, the fund honors the memory of Grace Lewis, ensuring that her passion for exploring Greenacres lives on with each generation.
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educators leading children on gravel path near old wooden barn and pasture


The Exploring with Grace Fund envisions Greenacres Foundation as a place that empowers individuals to connect with nature and each other. These types of hands-on experiences have been known to provide benefits to physical, mental, and emotional health. We envision opportunities for exploring the natural world through an environmental, agricultural, and artistic lens, while collectively learning how to be stewards of the Earth. We aspire for the Exploring with Grace Fund to provide wider accessibility for learners by offering opportunities free of charge outside of typical school hours.

Program Eligibility

Groups are eligible under the following parameters:

  • Be one of any of the following (501c3) organization types:
    • Public, Private, Community, or Charter School
    • Recognized child welfare or social services organization
  • Attending group comprised of both:
    • Economically disadvantaged population (80% Free and/or Reduced Lunch or equivalent or Title I school designation)
    • Youth under the age of 18 with accompanying adult(s)
Transportation Reimbursement:

Please note that you are responsible for scheduling your own bus.

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