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Greenacres has two farmstore outlets, one in Indian Hill and one at Greenacres Michaela Farm in Oldenburg, that offer seasonally available farm-raised products. We take pride in our products and in providing healthy food for you and your family. Your support not only gives you a better quality product but also helps contribute to local education and research initiatives. 

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Indian Hill farmstore

Indian Hill

8255 Spooky Hollow Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 891-4227 ext. 1
Tuesday-Friday 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday
Michaela Farm storefront

Michaela Farm

Batesville, IN 47006
(812) 933-0661
Monday-Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Please note that we can only accept
CASH at Greenacres Michaela Farm

What We Offer

Fresh greens, beets, radishes, turnips, carrots, garlic, pumpkin, and flowers
Fresh greens, beets, radishes, turnips, carrots, garlic, pumpkin, and flowers


We offer a diverse variety of high-quality seasonal vegetables. Nourish yourself and your family with fresh produce that is organically grown, free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and managed with growing methods like crop rotation, cover crops, integrated pest management, low/no-till, the rotational integration of livestock, and a living soil approach.

pasture raised eggs
pasture raised eggs

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our laying hens are free to forage and are never caged. They are rotated through our pastures in a mobile chicken coop with access to nesting boxes and water. Our laying hens receive a supplement of non-GMO feed without corn or soy. Brown eggs are collected and sold fresh daily.

image of cattle in pasture

100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef

Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming outdoors, eating fresh, living pasture during the growing season and high-quality hay in the winter, a diet that suits their natural digestive processes making for healthy, happy cows. Our beef is always 100% grass fed and grass finished producing the highest quality product, with superior nutritional properties. Our beef is currently only available at our Indian Hill Farmstore.

image of pasture raised chicken
White chicken out on green pasture

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens have a high quality of life. Living outdoors, they can express their natural behaviors like scratching and pecking and eating their fill of bugs, grasses, and clover, to our mutual benefit. This time spent outdoors also provides us with better quality meat, full of nutrients. Our chicken is currently only available at our Indian Hill Farmstore.

image of pastured hogs

Woodland Raised Berkshire Pork

Our Berkshire hogs are raised outdoors in large wooded areas of our property, where they can seek out acorns, walnuts, roots, and other treats. In addition to the food they forage, we provide a high-quality, locally sourced hog feed to meet their nutritional needs. They also get regular deliveries of vegetable scraps from our gardens and the Farmstore. Our pork is currently only available at our Indian Hill Farmstore.

image of pastured turkeys
Pasture Raised Bronze Broad Breasted Turkeys

Pasture Raised Turkeys

Our turkeys are free-range and graze on fresh pasture grasses. Greenacres turkeys are raised without artificial stimulants or antibiotics. Turkeys are a seasonal crop at Greenacres and are available fresh for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We additionally provide frozen ground turkey and turkey breast. Our turkey is currently only available at our Indian Hill Farmstore.

Indian Hill CSA Program

When you purchase a Greenacres CSA, the funds are used as a store credit (on a preloaded gift card) when making purchases in our Indian Hill farmstore. Unlike traditional CSA programs, Greenacres lets you pick what you want to purchase when you want it. There are no predetermined boxes, pickup times, or volunteer hours, just use your card to shop any time we are open. Our CSA members save 10% every day on ground beef, flowers, produce, and eggs. To sign up for our CSA, just stop by the Indian Hill farmstore any time we are open. At this time the CSA program is only available for our Indian Hill farmstore.


Do I need to use up my card by a certain date?

No, the card is not seasonal, and there is no expiration date on your card.

What are the membership levels?

You may load $250, $500, or $750 on your CSA card. Your card may be reloaded any time.

Can I use my card to buy meats?

Yes on all Farm Store products. CSA cards may be used on produce, flowers, eggs, and meat products. Discounts only apply to produce, flowers, eggs, and ground beef.

Do I need to shop at a certain time?

No, any time our store is open you can use your CSA card.

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