Apprenticing with the Garden Team

Greenacres offers a two-year Apprentice position on our Garden Crew where you will have the chance to immerse yourself in all things growing vegetables and flowers in a no-till, regenerative farming system.

Every year, we accept two new apprentices, and applications always open in November.

Apprenticeship Information

Applications Open: November
Apprenticeship Begins: Early April

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Who can apply?

Garden Apprentice arranging flower bouquets in greenhouse

This apprenticeship is for individuals interested in beginning or further enriching their farming careers. Our Garden Team looks for passionate, coachable, curious people who are self-motivated learners willing to immerse themselves in all aspects of the farm. If you are a team player who is excited to get involved in and practice speaking at our events, have the ability to work long hours outdoors, and are comfortable learning to operate machinery and tools, please apply to join the team!

You must be at least 18 years old and have experience working outside, or working in an active and fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Please note that Greenacres does not provide housing for this apprenticeship.

What to Expect

From sowing seeds to managing irrigation, harvesting, cover cropping, and everything else, you will learn how to grow various vegetable crops and cut flowers. You and one other First Year Apprentice will join a dedicated team full of people who are passionate about growing food for the community, teaching, learning, working together to solve problems, and honoring the Greenacres mission.

Team of five garden team members pulling weeds in garden beds

First Year

As a member of the Garden Crew, you will spend your first year learning every aspect of the farm and participating in weekly, versatile classroom time. You will help the team put on events such as Farm Tours, Ley Field Picnics, and Cultivation Club volunteer group days, honing your speaking skills and helping to educate the community about regenerative agriculture. 

Garden apprentice washing large harvest of carrots
garden apprentice add compost to garden bed
Bountiful floral arrangement

Second Year

In your second year on the team, you will have the opportunity to plan, manage, and harvest from your own 50×100 sub-plot in our Ley Field with one other apprentice. During this year you will apply what you’ve learned and challenge yourself to grow your own produce or flowers to sell in our Farm Store and donate locally. You will also be tasked with taking on a leadership role with the new First Year Apprentices, assisting the full-time Garden Staff with mentoring, teaching, and delegating tasks. 

 As you wrap up your second year at Greenacres, the full-time Garden Crew team will mentor you and assist you in dialing your resume, preparing for interviews, and searching for your next farm job as you work toward your future farming career goals.  

aerial view of garden apprentice plot
garden apprentice harvesting in field
Bountiful French radish harvest

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