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The Kennel House is home to our agriculture education team and an extremely popular field trip destination for schools and homeschool groups in the Cincinnati area. With programming like “The Power of the Sun”, “Sustainable Agriculture”, and “Genetics on the Farm”, the Kennel House offers education opportunities for all grade levels. Our goal is to elevate learning and research opportunities for local students. We are dedicated to forging enduring partnerships with educational institutions in Cincinnati and beyond, nurturing a community invested in education and research.


8400 Blome Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45243

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Field Trips

Greenacres Kennel House offers dynamic field trips for K-12 students that are aligned with state standards in social studies, science, and fine arts. Through the Environment, Agriculture, and the Arts these interactive experiences deepen understanding of ecology, sustainability, and farming while fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Summer Camps

Greenacres summer camps invite 5 to 13-year-olds to explore and learn in nature. Kids engage in environmental studies, artistic endeavors, and agricultural activities, in our vibrant outdoor settings. These camps are designed to ignite young imaginations while ensuring a summer filled with adventure and creativity.


What is the cost for my school to come on a field trip?

All Greenacres field trips are provided at no cost to the school. Many schools are also eligible to have the cost of busing reimbursed as well.

How is it possible to offer free field trips?

Louise and Louis Nippert’s generosity have provided us with the funding to operate Greenacres in the manner that they envisioned when they founded Greenacres.

Do field trips happen in the winter?

Yes! We offer field trips throughout the school year. Impactful experiences can occur in cold weather, and we tailor each experience for the comfort of our guests.

Can we come explore on our own?

No, Greenacres can only be visited when you are part of a field trip or public event. We are not a public park.

How many acres does Greenacres manage in Indian Hill?

The Indian Hill site is over 600 acres.

Why does the forest here not look like other local woodlots?

We have worked hard to remove invasive species such as honeysuckle and multi-flora rose. These invasive plants are very common in Southern Ohio, and have changed the way forests look. Because invasives are so common, many people have forgotten what a forest “should” look like. Our forests are a work in progress, but the more open understory is the natural condition of temperate hardwood forests.

How can I get involved?

Greenacres has limited volunteer opportunities. See volunteer opportunities

Does Greenacres offer Summer Camps?

Yes! Day camps are offered in the summer for children ages 5 to 13.

What else does Greenacres do?

Greenacres Foundation has a diverse mission involving educating the public about Arts, Agriculture, and the Environment. We are a working farm, marketing our farm products in Indian Hill. We also present events such as concerts and art shows

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