International Grasslands Congress

International Grasslands Congress attendees (about 20 individuals total) visiting Greenacres, standing in pasture having a group discussion

International Grasslands Congress Tours Greenacres

Researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders from around the world came together in Covington, Kentucky at the International Grasslands Congress this past May to discuss the latest developments in grassland science, management, and policy. This was the first time the Congress was held in the United States since 1981.

Greenacres Foundation was thrilled to welcome Congress attendees to our Indian Hill and Brown County locations to share our grassland restoration practices which are based on the principles of generative agriculture. These principles are designed to promote biodiversity, improve soil health, and help develop more sustainable farming methods. Greenacres’ approach emphasizes the importance of working with natural systems and closely mimics the bison grazing ecosystems. These ecosystems naturally sequestered carbon for thousands of years and built extremely fertile soil which helped make the United States the agricultural powerhouse it is today.

“Our goal is to help restore degraded grasslands and create thriving ecosystems that sequester carbon to benefit both people and the environment. Having experts from around the world see the important work that our community is doing in the field is an important step in making Ohio and Kentucky a leader in this space.”
Carter Randolph, Greenacres President

International Grasslands Congress Attendees touring Greenacres' Indian Hill pastures

Greenacres was a sponsor of this year’s event and hosted a booth at the Congress where attendees came to learn more about our work and interact with our team of experts. We also participated in several panel discussions and workshops, where our team shared insights on topics such as grassland restoration, community engagement, and sustainable agriculture.

“It was such a pleasure to connect with colleagues from around the world and learn from their experiences,” said Randolph. “Healthy grasslands are an important piece of the climate change puzzle, we were happy to welcome our local media figures to come learn with us during the event. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future for all.”

About Greenacres Foundation

Greenacres Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preservation, land stewardship, and promoting sustainable agriculture. The Foundation works to restore degraded ecosystems, promote biodiversity, and educate local communities through innovative programs and partnerships.

About International Grassland Congress

The International Grassland Congress (IGC) is a worldwide gathering of leading scientists, students, industry, extension and primary producers that meet every 3-5 years to share their research results and their experiences.