Indian Hill Product Availability

Indian Hill Product Availability

You may shop in store, order in advance, or request curbside service:
Email us at
or call us at 513-891-4227 then press extension 1

Regular Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:30-5, Saturday 9-1

What's New?

    Thanksgiving Turkey and Ham Pre-Orders are Open!

    Click here to place your pre-order for a Thanksgiving turkey or ham, and to read our FAQs about turkey sizes and pickup times. If you want to learn more about how we pasture raise turkeys at Greenacres, click here.

    Flower Bouquets

    Gorgeous mixed summer blooms! $10-$20 each.

    Leafy Greens and Herbs

    • Arugula ($5 per 1/2lb)
    • Baby Kale ($5 per 1/2lb)
    • Curly Kale ($4 per 1/2/lb)
    • Lacinato Kale ($4 per 1/2lb)
    • Asian Green – Carlton (also known as Mustard Spinach – has a flavor of mustard, cabbage, and a hint of spinach $5 per 1/2/lb)
    • Napa Cabbage ($2lb)
    • Fresh herbs (Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Sage, Savory, Thyme, $3 each or 3 for $6)
    • Dried Herbs (Spearmint $4 each)
    • Microgreens (Arugula, Power Mix, Spicy Mix, approx. $3 each)

    Fresh Vegetables

    • Cherry Tomatoes ($6/lb)
    • Tomatoes ($4/lb)
    • Acorn Squash ($2.50/lb)
    • Edamame ($4 per 1/2lb)
    • Eggplant ($4/lb)
    • Green Beans ($5/lb)
    • Hot Peppers ($4/lb)
    • Sweet Corn ($1 each)
    • Sweet Peppers ($4/lb)
    • Zucchini ($2/lb)

    Root Vegetables

    • Carrots ($6/lb)
    • Onions (red or white $2.50/lb)
    • Beets (red or gold $3.50/lb)
    • Red Radishes ($3.50/lb)
    • Turnips (white hakurei $4/lb)

    Pasture Raised Meats and Eggs

      Pasture Raised Eggs, $6/dozen

      Our hens live outdoors on pasture, in a fully mobile chicken coop that is moved to fresh grass regularly. They are provided a corn and soy free supplemental feed.

            Please note: All our meats are frozen.

                100% Grassfed, Grass Finished Angus Beef

                • Ground Beef (1lb packages, $7.25/lb)
                • Beef Patties (1/3lb each, 3 per pkg. $8.25/lb)
                • New York Strip Steak (2 per pkg. $22/lb)
                • Ribeye Steak (1 per pkg. $22/lb)
                • Sirloin Steak (one per pkg. $12/lb)
                • Hanger Steak ($15/lb)
                • Flank Steak ($15/lb)
                • Brisket ($9/lb)
                • Shank ($4/lb)
                • Short Ribs (avg. 1-1.5lb each, $4/lb)
                • Chuck Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $8/lb)
                • Rump Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $10/lb)
                • Sirloin Tip Roast (avg. 2-3lb each, $11/lb)
                • Arm Roast (Great in the crock pot! Avg. 2-3lb each, $8/lb)
                • Stew Beef ($10/lb)

                Beef Offal:

                • Marrow Bones ($4/lb)
                • Heart ($5/lb)
                • Raw Fat ($3/lb)
                • Liver ($4/lb)
                • Tongue ($5/lb)
                • Kidney ($5/lb)

                      Woodland Raised Berkshire Pork:

                      • Bacon ($12/lb)
                      • Shoulder Roast (approx. 2lb each, $12/lb)
                      • Chops (bone-less or bone-in, $12/lb)
                      • Spare Ribs ($8/lb)
                      • Ham (9-10lb half or individual slices, $8/lb)
                      • Hocks (smoked, $6/lb)
                      • Ground Pork, Unseasoned ($7/lb)

                      Pork Sausages:

                      • Chorizo (1lb bulk, $7.25/lb)
                      • Sugar Free Sage (1lb bulk, $7.25/lb)
                      • Mild Italian (Bratwurst size links, 4 per pkg, $7.25/lb)
                      • Smoked Andouille (Bratwurst size links, 4 per pkg, $10/lb)

                      Pork Offal

                      • Heart ($2/lb)
                      • Liver ($4/lb)
                      • Kidneys ($2/lb)
                      • Leaf Fat (for glorious biscuits and pie crusts $6/lb)
                      • Back Fat (Render for lard or make your own sausage $4/lb)
                      • Caul Fat (lacy net of fat, try wrapping around a lean cut like a loin roast or a whole chicken, to baste while roasting! $6/lb)
                      • Bones (Excellent for ramen broth – roast with onions, garlic, and ginger, then make your stock. $2/lb)

                            Pasture Raised Chicken

                            • Freedom Rangers heritage breed chickens – excellent foragers on pasture with superior flavor. Click here to learn more about Freedom Rangers.  (Whole, approx. 4lb each, $4/lb)
                            • Whole Chickens ($4/lb)
                            • Chicken Breast (boneless, skinless, 2 pieces per pkg. approx. 1.5-2lb, $8/lb)
                            • Chicken Breast Tenders (Approx. 1-1.5lb per pkg. $10/lb)
                            • Chicken Wings (6 per pkg. approx. 2lb, $3/lb)
                            • Chicken Drum Quarter (Drum and thigh together, 2 pieces per pkg. $5/lb)
                            • Chicken Thighs (4 per pkg. approx. 2lb, $5/lb)
                            • Chicken Drumsticks (4 per pkg. approx. 2lb, $3/lb)
                            • Chicken Backs (3 backs per pkg. $3/lb)
                            • Chicken Feet (great for stock! High in collagen. Approx. 1lb per pkg. $4/lb)
                            • Ground Chicken, Unseasoned ($7/lb)

                            Chicken Sausages:

                            • Tomato Basil Chicken Burger Patties (4 patties per 1lb package, $7.25)
                            • Chicken Breakfast Sausage Patties (4 patties per 1lb pkg. $7.25)
                            • Links: Bratwurst, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chipotle, or Chorizo (5 links per 1lb pkg. $7.25/lb)

                            Chicken Offal:

                            • Liver (1-2lb per pkg. $4/lb)
                            • Hearts ($2/lb)
                            • Gizzards ($2/lb)

                                100% Grassfed, Grass Finished Lamb

                                In Spring 2024 we will have a large selection of lamb!

                                • Spare Ribs ($9/lb)
                                • Heart ($4/lb)
                                • Liver ($4/lb)
                                • Fat ($2/lb)