Heard but not seen

The past week has been a little busy in Indian Hill so we finally got a chance to do our third and final covey call count today.  It sounds like the coveys are located around one specific area so this time I didn’t want to take any chances and not hear them.  Jennifer and I split up again but stayed within sight of one another (once the sun came up) so we were both in the area where the quail were heard the first and second time.  Finally I heard it!  The covey call that had been eluding me the first two trips was just south of where I was sitting.  After the sun came up Jennifer and I both agreed on the direction that I heard the sound, however she also heard one to the northeast of where we were.  We thought we would try flushing the birds to try to see if we could get a count so we headed toward the edges of the field.  We had no luck getting the birds to flush out of their coveys but we both feel pretty confident that we at least have some quail walking about the Lewis Township property.  Now the goal is to see if we can increase our quail populations through improved habitat establishment and quail-beneficial management practices.  Call counts and quail monitoring will be an ongoing practice for our research team.  We are already looking forward to some early chilly mornings next October.