Environmental Caretakers

Volunteers Needed

Become an Environmental Caretaker and help us maintain healthy, natural ecosystems around Greenacres. Caretakers work directly with our staff on projects that can include invasive plant removal, beneficial insect spotting, and more. It is a great opportunity to explore the hidden parts of Greenacres while being a steward of the environment. Volunteer events are scheduled March through November. Please see our volunteer events listing for specifics.

Program Requirements

Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years old and capable of working outdoors with a variety of hand tools while maneuvering over uneven terrain.


Formally known as the Honeysuckle Volunteers, this program focused on the removal of honeysuckle and several other woody invasive plants around Greenacres. Through the efforts of the volunteers and outside companies, a majority of these invasive woody plants have been cleared or cut-back, but there was still work to do. In 2020 we renamed Honeysuckle Volunteers to Environmental Caretakers to reflect a new purpose, maintaining the health of the various ecosystems through environmental stewardship activities such as the removal of invasive flora, restoring native flora through plantings, and more.


What type of knowledge or skills do I need to volunteer with the Environmental Caretakers?

No prior experience is required. Informative trainings to match the task(s) at hand will be shared at the start of each event. Information will include what we are doing for that day, why it is important, how to identify the selected flora/fauna (if applicable), and the best methods to accomplish the given task(s).

What type of tools will I use?

Tools vary with the different tasks. Hand saws, pruners, loppers, and shovels are the most common tools used. Volunteers will be trained on the safe and proper use of each tool. Work gloves are available, though some volunteers prefer to bring their own personal gloves.

What physical abilities do I need?

The ability to work outdoors, use hand tools, and maneuver over uneven terrain.

What should I wear and/or bring to each event?

Volunteers should always dress appropriately for the weather conditions of the day and bring a personal water bottle to stay hydrated. Due to the environment we are working in, long sleeve shirts and pants offer the best protection against such things as thorns, poison ivy and the occasional tick.

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