Legendary Genetics

Legendary Genetics

At Greenacres we are committed to building the best grass-based genetics in our registered Angus herd. We approach this by utilizing our natural breeding practices to retain the best calves to join our breeding program. We also collaborate with others across the country to integrate the excellence of proven premier cows and bulls from the Wye genetics line. Utilizing the latest in genetic technology, we are able to revive the exceptional genetics of bulls from the 1950s that laid the foundation for the most efficient grass-fed meat producing herds.

Last fall we added a few elite cows to our herd with links back to the most notorious Wye Angus sire – Prince of Malpas – who was born in Scotland in 1956. A few weeks ago we were excited to witness the birth of a heifer calf who is the grand-daughter of this great foundation bull.

Prince of Malpas Granddaughter

We also welcomed a new bull calf (pictured in header) who is the son of another legendary bull – Banjo of Wye – who was born in 1989 and played a critical role in adding exceptional maternal efficiency traits- often called maternal goodness- to the genetic strength of the Wye lines.

Both of these calves will play key roles in our future breeding program at Greenacres.

Why is Greenacres committed to this work of genetic improvement and excellence in our herds? Exceptional genetics are tied directly to development of the best products – whether for our customers who trust us in purchasing the highest quality and most nutritional meat products or for our fellow farmers that may wish to add these genetics to their breeding programs. Our genetics will ensure we continue improving key traits in our herds including :

• Meat producing efficiency on grass-based systems
• Maternal efficiency and structure (calving ease, weight gain, milk production)
• Docility and steady temperaments for safety and reduction of stress
• Longevity and health