About our CSA

When you purchase a Greenacres CSA, the funds are used as a store credit (on a preloaded gift card) when making purchases in our farm store. Unlike traditional CSA programs, Greenacres lets you pick what you want to purchase, when you want it. There are no predetermined boxes, pickup times, or volunteer hours, just use your card to shop any time we are open. Our CSA members save 10% every day on ground beef, flowers, produce and eggs.


Do I need to use up my card by a certain date?

No, the card is not seasonal, and there is no expiration date on your card.

What are the membership levels?

You may load $250, $500, or $750 on your CSA card. Your card may be reloaded any time.

Can I use my card to buy meats?

Yes on all Farm Store products. CSA cards may be used on produce, flowers, eggs, and meat products. Discounts only apply to produce, eggs, and ground beef.

Do I need to shop at a certain time?

No, any time our store is open you can use your CSA card.

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