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General Questions

Interim Session: This is a short, pay-as-you-go, weather dependent session running Jan 18th – Feb 12th.  Riders of all levels can ride during this session.  The Equine Director will check the weather on Fridays and open the stable on certain days for the following week if weather permits.  All classes are held from 4:15-5:45pm and will be broken down between the instructors by level based on the number of riders signing up for each day.  We do TONS of fun classes during this time- bareback riding, Polocrosse, Games, etc.  Since the weather in this time period can be very unpredictable in southern Ohio, each class stands as a fun, independent class (ie the classes do not build upon the previous classes skill sets as they do during the regular sessions). Payment for each class MUST be made BEFORE the participate will be permitted to mount.

Spring/Fall Sessions: These sessions are longer (16-17 week long sessions), that are curriculum based (each lesson plan is designed to build on the lesson before).  Payment for these classes is due BEFORE the start of the session.  Riders are encouraged to get their make-ups in during the week that they miss as the lesson plans and skill sets in this session are progressive.

Summer Horsemanship Camps (Greenies): Designed as an Introduction to Horsemanship camp for new riders.

Summer Session: Open to all Greenacres riders- weekly lessons for the duration of summer.  In Summer Session, we do allow for more than just one make-up as we understand that much traveling is done during these months.  But do remember that lessons are only offered on Tuesdays and Thurdays and all lessons still must be completed by the end of the Summer Session (Aug 4th).

Summer Eventing Camp: Open to Greenacres Pony Club members 4A & above.  Intensive horse ownership camp meeting three days per week.

Open Rides: Open to riders who have passed all three Level 2 written tests and the Level 2 riding test.  Can do a non-jumping ride on available schoolhorses during business hours.

Winter Horse Ownership Camp: Open to Greenacres Pony Club members only.

All sessions are paid in full BEFORE the start date of the session. Payment due dates are posted on the Session Calendar. Payment can be made via check or credit card. There is a “CHECKS” box in the Stable Store or checks can be mailed to:

c/o Equine
8255 Spooky Hollow Rd
Cincinnati, Oh 45242

Checks should be made out to: GREENACRES

Longs pants, boots that cover the ankle with a flat sole and at least 1/4″ heel, no tank tops, helmet and a safety vest if 3A/B or above.

You can get a better idea here.

We do not hurry our riders along here at Greenacres.  Each rider will progress through the levels at their own pace.  We use Checklist Skill Cards for each rider.  These cards are filled out by the instructor on a regular basis as the instructor sees that a rider has MASTERED a specific skill.  Once all the skills for the level are mastered the rider will be challenged with skills from the next level whether or not they “officially” move into a class of that level (ie if a rider masters all the skills in Level 2A midsession, the instructor can offer to move the rider into a 2A/B class OR the instructor can challenge the rider through harder horses or through the skills needed in the 2A/B level).

Riders begin pre-jumping exercises in Level 2B (steering through empty jump standards, two-point position, etc).  Riders will being work over ground poles in Intro to 2C.  Cross-Rail jumping begins in Level 2C.  All riders must be able to walk, trot and canter with and without stirrups before beginning any jumping exercises.

Pony Club here at Greenacres is by invite only to our Level 3B and above riders.  Riders do not have to join Pony Club in order to continue lessons at Greenacres. Pony Club membership is required to participate in off-site shows.

Visitors are welcome to watch lessons anytime.  Visitors are NOT permitted in the stable.  There is a designated Viewing Area at the white table in the courtyard for watching the tacking/untacking process.  Visitors are welcome to watch in the indoor from the comfort of the Indoor Classroom or from anywhere behind the green wall in the indoor or on the outside of the arena when the doors are open.  There i a picnic table near the outdoor arena for anyone watching the lessons in the outdoor arena.  Viewing areas in the xc and Jump Fields are at the discretion of the instructor teaching the class.  Parents will be dismissed from viewing classes if they are disruptive to the class or are coaching from the rail.

Still have a question?

Contact us and someone will be happy to answer it for you.

Forms & Resources

New Rider Forms

All new riders must complete these forms before partaking in any riding activities.

Show Bills & Entry Forms

Information for all Greenacres hosted shows and events can be found here.

Study Guides

For equine students ready to take their written tests.

Riding Lessons Attire


Any color. Must be ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet. No bike, ski, or other helmets allowed.

Medical Bracelet

Any color and strongly encouraged. Must include name, birthday, emergency contact, known allergies, current medications, and existing medical conditions.

Jumping Vest

Any color. Mandatory for riding cross country (Level 3A and above) encouraged for show jumping, but not mandatory. Learn how to fit a safety vest.

Half Chaps

Color should match your paddock boots and be smooth grain.

Riding Breeches

Can be any color.

Paddock Boots

Black or brown. Zip or lace.

Short/Long Sleeved Shirt

Any color, but no tank tops.

Riding Gloves

Any color.

Riding Crop

Any color.

Showing FAQ

Greenacres Show: Riders need to be in the stable when it opens first thing in the morning to work as a team to get their horses bathed and braided.  Often multiple riders share a horse & it is good teamwork and bonding for them to work together to get the horse and tack show ready.  Riders are permitted to leave after their horses and tack are prepped for the show.  Riders need to be in the stable at least 1+ hours before their scheduled ride time to tack and warm-up their horse.  Riders are encouraged to stay after their classes are completed to take care of the needs of their horse, support their fellow riders & volunteer at the show to keep thing running smoothly.

Suzie’s Sample Greenacres Show Day

8:00am Suzy arrives at Greenacres; Suzy works with Lily to bathe and braid Mayo and scrub all the tack being used on Mayo that day

10:00am Suzy leaves with her mom to grab some brunch before coming back for her classes; Lily stays to volunteer as a runner for the Dressage judge

2:30pm Suzy returns to Greenacres to get Mayo tacked an warmed-up for her 4:00pm show classes

5:00pm Suzy and Lily work together as a team to make sure Mayo is fed and hosed off after the show and turned out for the night and all of his tack is cleaned and put away

6:00pm Stable closes, all riders head home happy & tired from the long show day 🙂

Off-Site Shows (GAPC members only): Riders will need to be available during the week before the show to prep the trailer (load hay, shavings, water, etc).  Riders must be available on the Saturday before a Sunday one-day show to bathe and braid their horse, clean/pack all their tack and pack all last minute items in the trailer.  Riders must attend the ENTIRE event from loading the horse onto the trailer to cleaning out the trailer upon arrival back at Greenacres.  Riders do NOT have permission to leave the event early or miss set up/clean up for any reason.

Greenacres:  Parents of riders are strongly encouraged to volunteer at the shows. Shows require A LOT of manpower- without our volunteers, we would be unable to host these large shows our riders enjoy so much!

Off-Site: At least one parent must be with the group at all times in case of emergency- this means at least one parent needs to caravan to/from the show with the trailer (does not have to be the same parent for the whole day) and a parent needs to be on-site for the duration of the show.  For the safety of the riders & the horses a parent must be available to help (ex run a rider to the hospital while Jessy stays with the horses/other riders) at all times.  Parents are expected to work together to make sure the riders (and the trainer) are fed and hydrated for the duration of the show.  Parents are often asked to hold horses or help with various tasks at the show- something you do not get to do at Greenacres- parents find this exciting & fun.  For this reason, closed toe comfortable shoes are encouraged for shows.

The trainer will make all final decisions about what division(s) the riders will be in and horses ridden.  If you are unsure, you can speak with trainer or leave the division/horse blank and we will fill it in.

Show days are VERY long days- often starting early in the morning (6:30/7am is not unusual) and returning home late in the evening (6/7pm is normal).  Make sure your riders are doing their homework BEFORE going to an offsite show- they will be to tired to work by the time they get home.

Greenacres: Entry fees only

Off-Site: Entry fees, horse usage fee (if not leasing), trainer fees and hauling fees.

Rider Competition Levels

We believe at Greenacres Equine Center that riders must be schooling a full level above where they are competing.

Learn More

Show Attire


Black only. Must be ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet. No bike, ski, or other helmets allowed.

Medical Bracelet

Any color and strongly encouraged. Must include name, birthday, emergency contact, known allergies, current medications, and existing medical conditions.

Jumping Vest

Any color. Mandatory for riding cross country (Level 3A and above) encouraged for show jumping, but not mandatory. Learn how to fit a safety vest.


Black or brown.

Riding Breeches

Must be white, tan, or grey.

Tall Riding Boots

Black dress boots, no field boots (the type with the ties).

Show Jacket

Black or navy blue solid jacket.

Ratcatcher Shirt

White short or long sleeved. No sleeveless shirts.

Riding Gloves

Black riding gloves only.

Stock Pin

Plain gold pin, buy multiples as they get lost easily.

Stock Tie

White only no pre-tied allowed.

Riding Crop

Black only.

Hair Net

Can be purchased at most dollar stores.

Show Grooming Kit

Additional supplies should be bought by all riders doing off-site shows (riders doing on-site shows are welcome to purchase kits, but they are not required until off-site showing begins). See a list of Grooming Kit supplies.


Building Blocks of Riding

Building Blocks of Riding, an indispensable resource for riding instructors, provides a ready-to-use collection of forty effective, confidence-building lesson plans arranged in an innovative, progressive curricula.  These lesson plans will take the introductory rider from the first introduction to the horse and stable through riding a dressage test and pre-jumping exercises.

Building Blocks of Jumping

The Building Blocks of Jumping presents an easy to use, progressive series of lesson plans to the riding instructor or trainer.  Formatted like a high school science curriculum, this book builds one lesson plan upon the next providing a series of lessons that allow horses and riders to progress in a logical fashion.  This curriculum allows for the creation of a solid foundation of “blocks” that will give the horse and rider confidence to move forward and take on more technical jumping challenges.

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